Cleaning Your Car/Car Carpet

We use cars daily. It is all but natural that this constant use makes them dirty and dull. Many car users do not think twice before throwing the waste inside the car. If you do not periodically clean your car it becomes an absolute mess. The carpet is especially vulnerable, as it gets a lot of dirt and mud from shoes.

As our friends at An Extraordinar Limousine have told us, this gets more problematic if you are running a limousine service. With all the town cars, limousines, party buses and other vehicles for groups of people going on sightseeing tours, bachelorette parties, nights on the town, etc., the vehicles can become quite messy. The passengers who use it do not think twice before smearing it with all sorts of stains and spreading the litter around. Your limousines can become a trash can; filled with all kinds of junk. Carpets and upholstery are the worst sufferers. If you do not keep it in a prim shape you won’t find many new customers willing to take it and ironically some of these same customers would make it dirty once again. Fortunately, there are professional companies who can help you here. They will restore your car to its spick and span glory with not an iota of dust to be found.

car cleaning

Here are some of the handy tips that will help you clean your vehicle whether you use it personally or for commercial purposes.

Empty the Car

First and foremost, you need to throw out all the trash that has inadvertently collected in your car. This includes all the empty cans, cups, paper, bags, or anything that should not belong inside the car.

A Vacuum Is Your Best Friend

Once the car is empty, it is ready for a thorough vacuum job. There are specialized car vacuums, if you do not own one, you should. They are designed in a way to reach the grooves, crevices, nooks, and crannies of your car’s interior. A team of experts will come equipped with all the necessary gadgets.

What About the Carpet?

Once the car has been given a vacuum job, you can easily inspect the carpet for any stains, marks, and blots. Carpets are bolted to the floor of the car and they are not that easy to remove. A professional team can do that for you easily. To remove any blemishes, you need to scrub the stained area. You can use a washing powder for this purpose if you do not have a carpet cleaning agent. Just pour the liquid over the stain and vigorously rub it with a brush. Do not use a hard-bristled brush, it might ruin the fibers of the carpet. Keep rubbing the brush until the stain is gone. You might want to add some more liquid if the stain is very stubborn.

Some Pro Tips

  • Use a paper towel or microfiber cloth to clean window glass
  • You can use a toothbrush or a paintbrush to clean the AC vents
  • Leather lotion can be used to give a glossy finish to your car’s leather trims. But most cars don’t have actual leather, but synthetic instead. This can usually be cleaned with a sponge.
  • Use a squeegee to remove pet hair
  • You can use washing machines to clean your mats
  • A mixture of toothpaste and water can clean your headlights very well.
  • Clay bars are very effective to remove any leftover dirt from your car’s body after washing.

So, there you have it. Some easy DIY hacks to keep your shiny and glossy from the inside and out. We hope you will find these tips helpful.